A little beauty blogger in a big big world

Hello, welcome to my new website and all things pretty in pink. With the craziness that has been Covid-19, I decided to rebrand myself and my business. 

When I started over 3 years ago, I was just a girl who loved makeup and didn’t really know what direction I wanted the business to move in. I liked doing makeup, that was enough, right? As time went on, my career advanced and I have been very fortunate in the opportunities that I have been given, my business moving forward tenfold. In 3 years, I have done London Fashion Week, Commercials, become a Charlotte Tilbury Artist and been fortunate enough to be a part of many weddings. I can honestly say I have loved every minute of it and during these unprecedented times I have been able to sit back and reflect on my career so far and how I want to move forward. Is it just me or has everyone changed their perspective after everything that has happened? 

As well as being able to reflect on my business and career, I have also had time to have a look at myself. You may, or may not know, but I have suffered with anxiety and body dysmorphia for a while now and the last few months have allowed me to sit back and really try to get a hold on it (as much as possible anyway). It’s been a long journey, there’s been tears, laughter and panic attacks along the way, but I actually feel these last few months have been the best thing for my mental health. As hard as it’s been not seeing anyone, or being in my normal routine (or my daughter being stuck to my hip), its been nice not to be 100 miles per hour all the time. I don’t know about you but every weekend I have off I have plans, every evening I am sorting something or I have work to do. It’s forced me to slow down and I LOVE it. I have finally started training in HD Brows and Brow Lamination. I have finally redone my website. I have spent hours in the sun with my daughter, having water fights and going on walks with my husband. I don’t even know what makeup is anymore and my hair is so full of dry shampoo, you could stick it into a mohawk. I have bald lashes and my brows are bushy as hell. But as much as I miss my lashes and brows and CANNOT wait to get them done, when are we ever going to get this opportunity again. To sit back and enjoy life without living life in the fast track.

So whilst I sit here writing this, rambling on and going off on a tangent, I want to take from this strange time positively. I want to create a safe space to talk about all things positive and negative. Create a blog to talk all things beauty of course, tutorials and skincare regimes, but also as a platform to talk about issues such as body positivity and anxieties. There’s too much hate in the world and we need to build each other up, not knock each other down. So, to conclude my rambling, I hope you like the new rebranding and I am excited to share my blog posts with you. If you have any ideas for my next posts, there’s something you want to learn or are just struggling at the minute, pop me a message <3

A little beauty blogger in a big big world Lauren Gamble Makeup Kent

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